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Открытие сервера - 2.0.0.x
Dear Players! We are glad to inform you that we open!
Opening is appointed to October, 8th 2010 in 21,00 on MOSCOW TIME.
We have done huge work and have considered all errors.
We thank you (players) for understanding and cooperation. That were patient and have helped us with the decision of some problems, and as for financial support.
On behalf of all administration I express you gratitude.
Our assemblage is unique т.к doesn't belong to any project which at present are engaged in assemblages.
P/S The further news will be updated

Begin new life together with us
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[Ивент]Креативный Screenshot
On October, 16th Starts competition on the most beautiful screen in game on our server
The problem to lay out 1 best screen.
1 screen from 1 participant is accepted only.
Prize: Event wings
More in detail on forum
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Описание прошлого и будущего сервера! Что нас ждет?
Dear players!
1. Bad works server assemblies in the game plan, in respect of protection from cheating have etc. led to a camber of intragame economy.
2. A camber of our old command on assembly working out. And new for the present plainly hasn't earned at the full capacity.
3. Absence of necessary time at me.

All it has led to that we have decided to make wipe (the full or partial will solve voting).
To correct economic and other problems on the playing server it was impossible.
The Nymph becomes mine assistant, except me she will be engaged in installation of updates also. It basically isn't difficult. Besides, we took two Game masters. For these 1,5-2 months will be solved a question with assembly and anti-cheat system.

We hope that all listed above will solve all 3 basic problems of the server. Before to us to make such hard decision, we long thought and discussed all possible variants.

There is 4 more problem - low online. But I consider that it isn't paramount also it will dare by itself if to eliminate 1,2,3 problems.

In general, all changes aren't sounded yet. There will be a serious processing of old rules, to be exact their toughening. Already now it is possible to tell that prison any won't be. For flaws of the player its clan will be punished also. And many other things...

If someone has any possibilities in respect of cooperation and elimination of the basic three problems (which I have listed above) - write, we will be glad to discuss all offers.
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Варианты вайпа сервера! Просьба проголосовать всем.
Voting is opened in this to a forum theme.
Answer variants: And Isn't present.

The description:
1. Charms less than 40 will be removed completely.
2. Charms 40 + will be kept, but:
Let's remove all armour, all money, the weapon and all the rest that is in stock, storehouse...
Let's give out 7 million on the weapon and armour.

If "is not present" will be more than "Yes" we will remove all heroes and all armor, i.e. full wipe.

Comments are greetings.
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Рейты сервера
Select some variants.
Voting in a subject.
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Реорганизация сервера!
Dear players! We temporarily close the server.
The big operations over server optimization, and as the new database, a new forum are planned.
The new server will be under construction common efforts. Players will select future rate in a new server. Besides, you can bring the sentences and wishes on the future server.
The server worked year, and we have drawn the outputs, we will do the server from zero, but taking into account all responses of wishes of our players.
On Saturday there will be a new forum, there will be votings on future рейтам and to other server options.
The further news will appear on a site.
Now we strenuously work over the game server, balance. The new server will be protected from Cheating, will be more game masters (+ the Nymph has returned, but already in a role of the manager), updates will be some times in a week.
We hope for your understanding and responses.


p.s.: we will inform on periods of discovery of the server later.
According to plan - in some months (it is possible earlier).
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День рождения сервера!
Dear players and visitors of our server!
Next Sunday (on September, 5th) all of us we will celebrate Birthday of our server.
Are planned various invets , actions, gifts etc.

All particulars At a forum
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Оценка Гейм Мастерам
We ask all to express the judgement concerning operation of ours the Game Masters.
Voting is opened in news .

Comments of players are greetings.
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[Конкурс] Красивый юзербар для Гм
I declare competition on beautiful userbar (big bars) for a forum in the signature, the winner will receive new wings of a patch 1.9. explicitly here
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[Ивент] Спаси принцессу
Ivent for Asmodians has been led
The task of players was to rescue Gma from Lord Ranmarka which has stolen and has ground in in a tower in a location of Beluslan. Party from 5 persons should come into place and kill Raid Boss, benefited party will receive prizes.
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